Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And so it begins...

Well, Friday was my last day of normal employment. It was a strange day at work. I could certainly tell who was sad to see me leaving and who was glad. I won't deny that there are certain people, who I haven't exactly gotten along with during my employment. However, shouldn't people act with a certain sense of decorum when saying farewell to a team member? I'll never understand why some people insist on being such party poopers! Too bad for them, the rest of us had a lovely day that included the most amazing vegan lemon cupcakes made by Mary. Scott, my favorite coffee customer, brought me a very thoughtful and loving going away care package. He made me ratatouille with fresh veggies from his garden and a baguette to go with. It was the best dinner I've had in a long while.

Saturday I spent the morning wandering through the shops and farmer's market in downtown. Then at half passed twelve I met up with some of my girlfriends to watch a movie at the historic theatre. When I got home, I discovered that Carl had scrubbed the whole kitchen for me. What a lovely first day of sabbatical!

Sunday was spent doing housework, watching movies, and knitting. I did get some important travel prep done on Monday. Today has been spent hanging out with Carl while he gets ready to start his first semester of college. I have my last Black Hills Fiber Arts Guild meeting tonight. I'll really miss the ladies of the guild. They've helped me feel so much more at home here in RC.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 days of work, 17 days until I hit the road, 33 days until I start

Life has been pretty grand this week. The new coffee bar staff, I've been in charge of training, is coming along fantastic. I'm really happy to be leaving my beloved espresso machine in the capable hands of Kaylie, Bethany, Megan, and Lori. They're amazing women, who are going to make a great team. I've realized while working with them, that the thing I disliked most about my job was the feeling of stagnation that had descended upon the store. Now with the new owners and the influx of energetic staff members, the store seems refreshed and revitalized. I'm giddy to be leaving it on a happy note. Speaking of leaving, I only have three more days left of conventional employment. I've got a belly full of butterflies! Its a sort of, "Well this is it, no looking back, time to take the leap!", feeling. I love it and I've missed this feeling of anticipation and wonder.

Since my health insurance expires at the end of this month, I've been frantically running about getting things taken care of. I got new glasses on Tuesday. Here's a link to my new frames. Mine are the Eggplant/Aqua ones, they look great with my bright red hair. I adore them! I'm also biting the bullet and going back on full-time meds for my sinus issues. Its looking more and more like I have a chronic sinus infection that is doubled by the scar tissue in my left sinus from an angry wisdom tooth that broke through it four years ago. Nasonex a couple times a week, seems to keep it all in check, so I might as well stock up while I can.

I'm still working on the whole packing thing. I think my best plan of action is to pack for my time across the country first and then pack everything else. I've been trying to do it the other way around, and it just isn't working out. This weekend will be mostly devoted to packing and re-packing until I get it right.

I still have to check in with my bank about maintaining my account while I'm on the other side of the country. That's scheduled for early next week. Next Wednesday night I'm having a little going away shindig at the local martini bar to say my goodbyes. Then its a weekend of wedding activities in Sioux Falls with Ted and Savannah. After that I'll come back to RC, pack the car, and hit the road. I can't believe its only 2 1/2 weeks away. Crazy!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The original plan is often the best...

After a night of wondrous sleep, I've decided to stick with the original plan. I'm leaving my cat here in South Dakota with Carl. Even though it might mean not seeing her for upwards of 7 months vs 4 months if she was in Chicago, it'll be less stressful in the long run. I'm so lucky to have friends and family who are willing to help and support me along this journey. It's an amazing adventure that I'm about to embark upon and it wouldn't be possible without all of you.

I spent some time packing yesterday. I figured out why packing my clothes seems like such a chore this time around. Its because I have to plan for a month on the road as I'm packing. I can't just toss everything in a bag and go. I have to figure out, "Will I wear this in the next month?" for every piece of clothing. I also, didn't realize just how many sweaters and jackets I've amassed. Those suckers take up a lot of space! There's a part of me that wants to unpack and start over, only allowing myself to take a certain amount. I did this when I went to France during undergrad and it worked perfectly. I think I'll start my list here, right now!

3 Sweaters
2 Jackets
2 Sweatshirts
1 Coat
5 T-shirts
2 Tank Tops
3 Long Sleeve Shirts
4 Skirts
3 Jeans
1 Dress Pants
2 Dresses
3 Yoga Pants
1 Pair PJs
1 Robe
1 Coveralls

That should be plenty of clothes to get me through any occasion and weather development. Now to head downstairs and put this plan into action!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Why am I making myself crazy.....

I've been giving myself a headache over my travel plans this week. I seem to be making myself crazy over things lately. I don't know why, its not like I haven't moved before and its not like I don't want to go. I can't figure out where all this freaking out is coming from.

This week it all centers around where my cat will live while I'm away. On the one hand, she's comfortable here with Carl and he's willing to take care of her if need be. On the other hand, taking her to Patty's means I'd be able to have her back with me as soon as I'm done at JCCFS. I think the reason I can't seem to make a decision is because, regardless of what I decide, I feel like I'm abandoning her. It would most likely be easier on her in the long run if she just stays here. It'd be less stressful.

Work is wrapping up. I only have 7 shifts left. It feels a bit odd to know I won't be employed at the end of next week. Perhaps, then I'll actually take the time to pack. I've been such a slacker about getting ready to go. I'm not really sure as to why. It's not like I'm not over the moon excited about going. I just need to take some time and and focus my attention. I've got to break it down into baby steps and get to work, instead of watching movies and knitting.

My mom was able to move her days off around so we can still camp for a few days before I start at JCCFS. Hard to believe I'm only 36 days away from my start date. I wasn't even this excited when I was getting ready to leave for college.

Okay, time to get to it and go through the hall closet.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A few hiccups....

So I got my official Student Host information packet in the mail today. It turns out there's been a wee bit of communication error regarding me at the school. There was a staffing change, and with it apparently some of my info was lost.

About a month ago I received an email saying they needed to know what my "silver bullet" classes were going to be, so they could assure my enrollment. I had emailed that info in months ago to the past director and hoped I'd still get in to the classes I wanted. Which I did. Then a few days ago I get an email and phone call saying my info packet had been returned to sender. Turns out, my address hadn't been updated during my interview when I explained that I no longer lived in IL. So, I gave the new director my new address and she sent out my packet. I get my packet today and discover that I had been told the wrong dates for my time at JCCFS. Now, had this been the first time the dates had changed, I wouldn't be so anxious, but its the third time in the process that I've been given different dates. I'm certain that Sept. 23rd to Jan. 19 are the correct ones, as they are the newest.

It also wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't for the fact that my mom is taking the week after I start off for vacation, because we thought we were going to get to spend it together. My parents were planning a camping trip for the week of Sept. 24th to 29th, so we could spend some time in and around Brasstown before my position started. Hopefully, she can change the dates she's taking off, so we can go a week early.

Its better these hiccups are coming up now and not in a month when I'm on the road to JCCFS. I'm happy to get them out of the way now. Here's my updated travel schedule:

8/24 - Last day at SITK

8/30 to 9/2 - Sioux Falls for Ted and Savannah's wedding

9/3 to 9/6 - Pack

9/7 to 9/9 - Omaha, NE

9/10 to 9/11 - Decatur, IL

9/12 to 9/ 14 - CU, IL

9/15 to 9/ 17 - Naperville, IL

9/18 to 9/ 22 - Carmi, IL